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It is tax time. Papers are everywhere. You are running out of time. How will you make sure you are maximising deductions? Or worse, what happens if you miss the deadline?

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be. You can be stress-free around tax time. Let us look for any additional deductions, explain your tax returns and answer your questions. 

How we can help

We work to provide you with the best possible tax outcome. Whether you are an individual, partnership, trust, company or SMSF, we will work with you to save money by looking for additional deductions you may not be claiming, prepare paperwork, and in-turn minimise worry. Enjoy peace of mind and invest your time into doing what you do best- focusing on your business and personal affairs.

As a potential client you can simply book your complimentary, obligation-free meeting and take the first step into a stress-free tax time. You can make an appointment with one of our chartered accountants at our Brisbane, or Gold Coast office locations. Click here to read more about how we have assisted our current clients with their accounting and taxation affairs.

As a client you will enjoy:

  • Our unwavering commitment to improve your overall tax efficiency
  • Having any areas of risk indentified and minimised with real-world strategies
  • Having all of your taxation compliance obligations taken care of
  • Having our team’s expertise- let us answer your questions, and provide you with the understanding you require
  • The assistance you need to make informed taxation decisions 

Fixed Pricing Structures & Affordable Accounting Services

 With GMD Advisory you will not have to compromise on quality. Enjoy the peace of mind with our fixed pricing structure and affordable services. Having certainty over your expenses means you have control over your accounting budget.

 Our team specialises in the following areas: 

 Preparation of financial statements and income tax returns (all entity types) 

Whether you are working with our taxation advisors on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, our team at GMD Advisory will prepare accurate financial statements and income tax returns for all of your entity types. 

 Small Business Entity Concessions (SBE)

Because the range of concessions for small business entities is complex and constantly changing, it is difficult to be across all of the concessions available to your small business without professional assistance. Working with GMD, we will identify all of the concessions that are available to your small business- explain them- and ensure you understand any changes which are unique to your situation. 

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

If you are considering selling an asset, seek professional assistance to ensure Capital Gains Tax (CGT) works for you, not against you.

We can help you with:

  • Acquiring and owning CGT assets
  • Selling an asset and other ‘CGT events’
  • CGT Exemptions, rollovers and concessions
  • Your home and other real estate
  • Shares and units 

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Our chartered accounting firm will look after all of your GST concerns. Whether you are selling a business, selling property, selling land, importing goods or just have general concerns about your GST affairs, we look forward to putting your mind at ease regarding your GST liability.

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

Know with our professional services your FBT affairs will be managed effectively to ensure that:

  • Your business is compliant
  • Your salary as an employee is structured resourcefully
  • Your FBT questions are answered

General taxation advice

Don’t waste your time and money on sub-par taxation advice. At GMD Advisory, just a handful of the general taxation advice we offer our clients include:  

  • Assessable income & allowable deductions
  • Personal Services Income
  • Non-commercial losses
  • Carried forward tax losses
  • Family Trust Elections
  • Other general tax issues 

Liaising with the Australian Taxation Office

If you have recently been contacted by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), GMD can act as your tax agent and deal with the ATO on your behalf, to make sure you are giving the ATO the correct information and to explain what the ATO expects from you.

International tax

Enjoy the peace of mind our current clients enjoy, and the professional advice you will need when dealing with foreign tax jurisdictions. Are you a foreign resident affected by Australian taxation law? We can effectively advise on your taxation obligations, and ensure you understand your Australian tax liability

Small Business Capital Gains Tax concessions

Selling a business asset? You may be eligible for a small business capital gains tax concession. Eligibility for this can drastically reduce, or even potentially eliminate your capital gains tax liability. It is important to talk to us and seek premium accounting advice so we can effectively advise you of how to structure the sale and access any concessions you are entitled to.

Other taxation assistance that our Brisbane and Gold Coast Taxation & Advice team can offer you include:

  • Expatriate tax issues
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • State Taxes and Duties
  • Tax Effect Accounting
  • Tax Consolidation
  • Transfer Pricing
  • R&D Tax consulting
  • Employment Taxes

Save time and money with the accurate advice from our taxation advisors. Contact our offices in Brisbane or the Gold Coast on 07 5628 0112 and take the first step in experiencing a stress-free tax time. 

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